The Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS) has participated in the 49th edition of the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities held at the United Arab Emirates University from the 10th to the 11th of April, 2016.

The general conference beyond presenting the association’s recent progress, activities and achievements and holding specific meetings of its subsidiary committees (primarily on day two) aims at providing a platform for strengthening cooperation among Arab universities and coordinating efforts among them as well as relations with the universities and relevant regional and international organizations.

This year’s Conference named after the late Sheikh Zayed coincided with the 40th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates University, established in 1976. The meeting was attended by over 250 university presidents representing 135 universities and colleges from across 22 Arab Countries in addition to a number of guests representing different regional and international organizations. The first day of the conference witnessed a number of speeches including those of the Secretary General of the Association, Prof. Sultan Abu Orabi as, Secretary General of the Association and Chairman of CLICKS’s International Advisory Board as well as Prof. Mohamed Albaili, Deputy VC for Academic Affairs at UAUE, the host institution and representatives of different regional and international organizations. In addition, winners of the Association’s Award for Distinguished Researchers in two categories mainly human and social science and agriculture were also announced.

The General Assembly meeting this year tackled a number of key issues facing the regional higher education such as the quality of education, governance, research among others and stressed on the important role universities and colleges play in producing qualified graduates that meet the regional social and economic needs in particular at a time where the Arab World have witnessed many turbulences.

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